Chrismas and New Year info

Dear Aikidokas

  • The last official practise in Dojo Villach, Pogöriacherstasse 24,
    is on Thursday 22. December.
    However, because of requests, there will be „Melt the fat“ practises
    from 18:00 – 19:00 ( for youth ) and to 19:30 foradults
    on Tuesday 27. December and Wednesday 28. December.
  •  The practises in 2017 will start on
    Monday 9.1.2017 with a changed time-table ( below )
  • NEW: Saturdays, at any time: Free practise, but there must be at least 1 „Schlüsselperson“ present:
    Christopher Scharf, Gerhard Treffner, Michael Sedlmaier, Stefan Linder
  • There will be Thai-boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Capoeira and Brasilian Jujitsu in the dojo in 2017.
    Anyone interested ( you or your friends ) please just come to practise. We are planning to have some co-operation with the pricing, so that people could practise/try many arts, if they want..
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